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    Welcome to We provide state of the art HD color video systems for Sportfishing boats and custom yachts. Our HD camera configurations are designed by fishermen for fishermen. The idea behind LathamCams HD video camera systems is simple: to allow fishermen around the world to capture unforgettable video footage of their experiences at sea.

When Fishing Exotic Locations Or With Your Family-
Capture The Moment, You Are Building Memories!

    The aim of LathamCams is to give people the help they need to fulfill those dreams by providing them with easy-to-use HD camera systems that will shoot the most climatic points in their fishing travels. These unique systems feature 1080p 60fps day night /color HD/SDI camera, 3.6mm lens, auto white balance and auto iris for crisp footage. These cameras are waterproof even heavy ocean spray along and exposure to all of nature's elements will not ruin the cameras. The proven cameras come with a two-year warranty.

Get Fishing Action and Security in One Waterproof Camera System!

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     Michael Latham, a long-time captain and mate with a knack for technology designed the system as a means to video the fishing action, while allowing everybody on the boat to fish without worrying about filming. This hands-free operation enables the owner/crew to concentrate on catching fish instead of trying to catch the action with a hand-held video camera.

Capture Yourself on Video While Fishing!

     The LathamCam HD camera system uses a remote control unit to turn the cameras on and off. Simply click the remote, and all the HD cameras and HD recording decks engage to the record mode. Click the remote again and the system will revert back to the standby mode. This hands-free operation allows the crew to capture amazing footage of jumping fish and anglers in action without getting in the way. With the remote control, the crew can focus on videotaping the action instead of the slow periods in between bites to make a highlight hard drive of the fishing action.

     Please click through the navigation links to learn more about LathamCams for sportfishing cameras, recording systems and security cameras. Contact Mike for more information.

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Fishing Cameras

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